District Metrics

Unravel India’s household market potential through robust estimates on income, business activity & interactive maps

District Metrics (DM) helps you to unravel the potential household consumers in India at a disaggregated level. The service brings you, in a single platform, demographics, purchasing power or income and economic activity for – districts & towns enabling you to locate the markets of your choice. The reliable data and robust estimates in DM are powered with querying tools, supported by dynamic map-views that enable marketers identify and locate market geographies and households that can be prioritised.

DM provides a unique feature in the interactive maps that facilitates the users to juxtapose their own internal data-sets like sales, distributors etc along with the DM data on the map. The feature empowers the users and helps in ease of decision making. DM is completely secure, and your internal data will not be available to us or any third party. You can seamlessly view a map-display with the meshing of the internal data along with the DM data for market geographies and households.