Established in May 2013, Akara Research & Technologies P Ltd conceives, develops and deploys products and customised solutions that drive informed decision making and enable smart governance. Our solutions help in bringing powerful analytics disseminated dynamically at real-time on open-source maps, tables and charts. Akara combines its multi-disciplinary capabilities to organise disparately arranged information, in an inter-related manner, and deliver it simply on a digital map for ease in decision making. Akara provides solutions for a variety of user communities including enterprises, government bodies and social sector organizations.

Akara’s products help enterprises unravel the potential of household consumers in India at a disaggregated level along with its powerful visualisation on interactive maps. This adds immense value to enterprises, in their understanding of the consumers, at various geographies. We also help enterprises customise map-solutions to visualise their customers, vendors and distributors on map, along with other data-sets for informed decisions.

For the various arms of Government and civil society organisations, Akara delivers solutions for enhancing the quality of governance through improvements in service levels for “delivery of civic services” to the citizens. The GIS linked real time Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) solutions enable effective interventions for the day-to-day challenges in delivery of civic services as well as assist in planning for delivery of public utilities for the citizens.

Akara’s solutions are scalable across geographies and replicable across sectors.

With wide sectoral knowledge on the economy: the leaders at Akara come with two-decades of experience in building real-time information solutions for different sectors of the economy and in areas of governance, working alongside leaders in private sector, policy makers, researchers, and social entrepreneurs.


We seek to deploy secure, user-friendly open-source technologies based products & solutions that collate and disseminate real-time data for informed decision-making & policy interventions


- Striving to create innovative solutions

- Transparency in methods & processes

- Constantly endeavour to provide value