Planyourbiz (PYB)

PYB is an online tool that enables an entrepreneur to convert the business idea into a comprehensive business plan. PYB is an extremely useful and easy to use application and does not require detailed understanding of the financial concepts. It seeks to ask the budding entrepreneur a series of questions and converts the answers received into a formal and tangible business plan which can be presented to any investor or banker. PYB complements the curriculum of the students of business management. The students can now plan their ideas more precisely and comprehensively. PYB helps in inculcating the habit of systematic planning for any venture. The benefits of the service include:

  1. Professional articulation of the business plan
  2. Clarity in understanding one’s own business plan within the context of financial viability of the project
  3. Understanding of key parameters in entrepreneurial finance and their relevance to the ultimate profitability of the venture
  4. Enable the students to raise questions related to business environment and address them strategically before commencement of the business